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About Embrace le Family in New Jersey

Specializing in Childcare and Education for Families Across the Tristate Area.

Nanny sets child down for bedtime

Experienced nanny and education service agency

We are a nanny and education service agency based in New Jersey designed to help families find the assistance they’ve been longing for. Searching for the right caregiver for your children while juggling a busy career and managing a home is not easy. Embrace lè Family was created to take that off your plate. Let us do the leg work so that you can get back to enjoying time with your family.


At Embrace, we believe in quality time spent with loved ones and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. With years of experience in the childcare industry, we know firsthand how quality time with children feels more and more difficult to coordinate with so many moving pieces in your day. By alleviating some of those daily chores and providing you with the right assistance, we believe it will have a strong impact on your family's life.

Founder Jessica has been in the nanny industry for over 10 years. Starting off as a nanny herself, she knows first-hand the level of responsibility and dedication loving families are looking for. 

With her experience in early education, a background in psychology and a Master's in social work, her dream of working with children and families only grew over the years. Faced with a virtual world on the rise, the idea of Embrace l
è Family was born to provide the modern day, working parents with the support they need. 

Cofounder Linda began the first half of her career in the classroom as a teacher and in a few years worked her way up to become an integral part of the school’s administrative team. Coaching and training teachers to become better educators and care takers became a passion.


With a BA in education and extensive time in the field, Linda understands that establishing a support system and providing helpful resources to parents is critical in a child’s development. After all it takes a village. 

Jessica and Linda met while working with children. With dedication and hard work, their careers quickly led them to become directors of a top tier, private preschools in Hudson County. Over the next few years, they fostered a friendship based on very similar ideals, which would later take them down the road to launch Embrace lè Family.

Put your family's needs first with our professional network of child support

Our values are at the heart of what we do so we ensure all our nannies embody our values of love, nurture and support to help your little ones thrive.


"Thank you linda for your help with finding benji a tutor, you found one super fast and couldn't even imagine the great tutor you found. Thank you so much for your dedication your support and the love you put into everything you do. Cant recommend a better person than you."


Byron Solarte - Google

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